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Have you ever tried a pure indica? Bubba Kush is a landrace strain that adds strong indica effects to many modern hybrids. Every cannabis connoisseur should taste this flower at least once in their lives. If only to get a frame of reference for what a true indica can be.

Bubba Kush is a landrace strain from, you guessed it, Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush mountain region.

A landrace strain is a pure cannabis strain indigenous to a specific region. In this case, Afghan Kush is a short, fat indica that’s often used in hashish cultivation.

Buy Bubba Kush Strain | Bubba  Kush Strain for sale | Bubba Kush Strain

Since Bubba Kush is “pure” it hasn’t been subjected to the agricultural hybridization and most modern day strains. So, this is about as true of an indica as it gets. While most hybrids contain soaring amounts of THC, Bubba  Kush’s THC content is naturally high. It hovers at around 17%.

Medical consumers tend to enjoy this strain for severe nausea and lack of appetite. The potent body-heavy effects also make this a great choice for pain.
Recreationally, this is a strain for a lazy day. An indica through and through, grab Afghan Kush when all you want to do is sit back with your favorite snacks and watch a movie. You’ll be more than happy to snuggle up on the couch for a couple of hours.

Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety may also benefit from this herb’s ability to take you out of your head and into the realm of physical bliss.

Buy Bubba Kush Strain | Bubba Kush Strain for sale | Bubba Kush Strain
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  1. Jane joan

    Love this strain it’s make me feel right

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