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South Korea Legalizes Medical Cannabis

The importance of Korea being the first country in East Asia to legalize MMJ should not be understated, say experts. In that Asia has some of the strictest laws and harshest penalties for cannabis use, South Korea’s announcement is a major milestone for the global cannabis movement. South Korea’s National Assembly voted to approve the…

Mexico Legalizes Medical Marijuana / Cannabis

A decree issued by the President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto has confirmed that Mexico is to legalize Cannabis for medical use after receiving overwhelming support from th governments lower house of congress. Once upon a time Peña Nieto was a strong opponent to the legalization of Cannabis but has since called for a complete…

Some Awesome Weed Hacks Canadians Will Kill For

As fun as smoking weed can be, every frequent stoner knows that getting high isn’t always as simple as we would like it to be. Grinders go missing, pipes break, cotton mouth will always try to wreck your make-out sessions, and lighters that were accounted for while you were grinding, packing, and/or rolling always seem…